Final Project Progress

In our final project I have helped going through the digital archives collection, and I also helped to sort the material in the physical archives. I played an important role in deciding what platform we will be using to do our time lime as well.

For the future, I hope that we can get a good time line with a lot of pictures and at least more than ten events.

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This is a map is about the population of squirrels in Central Park. The map also distinguishes the squirrels by the color of their fur


I am currently an undergraduate at Carleton College.  Here, I am pursuing a B.A in Mathematics, and potentially Computer Science. I am also considering a minor in either Educational Studies or Digital Arts and Humanities. I am also interested in Economics and Latin-American dances.

During 2020, I worked in research team in the Polymath Jr. REU where I had the opportunity to learn more about Markov Chains and dig into the game Tapatan. During the Summer of 2021, I will be working for PwC as a start intern in Washington D.C. In the future I want to do some kind of research, but not necessarily mathematical. I am certain that my classes at Carleton are giving me the skills that I will need to reach my goals.